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My name is Cynthia Keith and I am a single mother of 3, college graduate, entrepreneur and employee of the Federal Government for over 20yrs. In addition, I am the Executive Director of A Mother’s Love Domestic Violence Foundation NFP.

Out of all of my accomplishments, parenting my three children had been my greatest joy until I became a victim of domestic violence at the hands on one of my sons. On March 6, 2014, I was not prepared for the encounter I would have with my son. What begin as a normal day quickly became one of the worst days of my life. This was the day my oldest son attacked me with a knife for approximately 8 minutes. Those 8 minutes seemed like an eternity as I fought him off while he stabbed me. Everything happened so fast but as I pleaded for my life I wondered how a child I raised could inflict this type of pain on me, his mother. As we know parenting doesn’t come with a manual, we do the best we can to raise our children with the knowledge we have. As we learn and evolve we implement our experiences, insights, and wisdom into our parenting strategies with the hopes of raising well rounded children that will become productive citizens.

As a result of this assault, I had 27 stab wounds all over my body. I required a variety of medical treatments, including several surgeries on my hand. In addition to being injured physically, this attack caused me mental and emotional trauma. My son was arrested and initially charged with attempted murder but it was later pleaded down to armed robbery because he had a knife and took money from me. Due to court protocol I had to testify against my son in this case. I believe this is one of the hardest things a parent could ever have to do. But God strengthened me to do what was required. During the trial I found out that my son was struggling with mental illness and drug abuse. From this experience, A Mother’s Love was birthed.

As I healed and sought God, he revealed that this experience would become my ministry. I would become a voice for the silent, an advocate for the weak, and a resource for the community. I am now walking in my purpose!
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